Mega-Euro 18

Rapeseed-based fat from European origins

Megaeuro 18 bag mock up only 732 product detail

Mega-Euro 18 is a unique new product formulation developed by Volac Wilmar offering a blend of C18:0 (stearic) and C18:1 (oleic) fatty acids to offer a nutritionally-superior product to current rapeseed calcium salts and hydrogenated products.

Why is Mega-Euro 18 unique ?
Mega-Euro 18 was formulated to provide a more-digestible offering than standard hydrogenated rapeseed oil and a more-rumen-protected, lower milk fat-depressing, offering than calcium salts of standard rapeseed oil.

Mega-Euro 18 is manufactured as a calcium salt to provide rumen-protection of the fatty acids and ensure delivery of oleic acid to the small intestine where it can be absorbed and used by the animal to promote total diet fat digestibility, aid improvement of cow body condition and improve development of eggs and embryos to increase cow fertility.

Features and Benefits

  • Sourced from European-grown rapeseed
  • Unique product formulation
  • Nutritionally-superior formulation to either hydrogenated or calcium salts of rapeseed oil

Feed Rates

  • Lactating cows 300-800 g/head/day
  • Dry cows 125 g/head/day
  • Beef cattle 150-500 g/head /day
  • Sheep & Goats 50-100 g/head/day

Mega-Euro 18 should be mixed with other ingredients in the diet and can be included as part of a total mixed ration, blend or compound pellet.



Available in 25 kg bags on pallets and mini-bulk bags.