Volac Wilmar are excited to announce the launch of our new fat supplement, Mega-Max!

Designed to meet the requirements of dairy cows throughout lactation, Mega-Max offers particular benefits in the early lactation period and is formulated as a multi-purpose supplement choice.

Mega-Max preview

Mega-Max is the latest innovation in the Megalac range of rumen-protected fats, featuring a specific fatty acid composition based on latest research evidence from the USA.

“Research on individual fatty acids, the component parts of what we commonly refer to as ’fat’, has recently taken a significant step forward and with it our understanding of the necessity to consider the type of supplement we use in more detail,” says Volac Wilmar nutritionist Dr Richard Kirkland. “These findings have subsequently enabled us to develop Mega-Max which contains a unique balance of C16:0 and C18:1, the two fatty acids shown to best meet the requirements of productivity and body condition.”

Palmitic (C16:0) fatty acids increase milk fat production whereas C18:1 fatty acids help to reduce body condition loss. According to studies at Michigan State University the ratio of these two fatty acids is key when considering which fat to feed.

In the UK, a study at SRUC’s Crichton Royal Farm concluded that adding Mega-Max to early lactation cows’ diets increased milk yield by 1.6 litres per day and also significantly increased milk fat production, says Dr Kirkland. Later in lactation Mega-Max’s C16:0 content is designed to help improve milk fat production, while the C18:1 component has a key role in improving fat digestibility and cow fertility, making Mega-Max an all-round supplement choice.

Looking for further information on Mega-Max? You can email us or contact Volac Wilmar, Freephone 0800 919808.