Fat supplementation: let’s cut the complexity

Let’s not beat around the bovine bush. Dairy cow nutrition is a subtle balancing act. But when you get it right? You unlock the potential to maximise your yields and boost milk fat content, all while keeping your herd healthy and fertile.

That’s why you should take full advantage of our free nutritional fat calculator. All you have to do is enter a few values about your herd and you will receive an instant calculation regarding how much fat you should be adding to your herd’s ration throughout lactation.


Why is it important to measure fats correctly?

Too little fat and you will miss out on profits because your herd will never milk to their potential. What’s more you could experience dramatic BCS losses without the right amount of dietary fat, particularly during early lactation.

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However, you also need to consider what type of fat is offered.

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Optimise nutrition, maximise profits

With enhanced yield, fat content and profits at stake, it makes sense to be sure that your herd is receiving precisely the right amount of dietary fat. Use the calculator below to determine if the current levels of fat in your rations are optimum, or whether you may be limiting your opportunity to drive profit and production.

Fat Calculator

Remember: not all fats are born equal

Palmitic acid boosts milk fat content. Oleic acid helps improve body condition. Linolenic acid can be beneficial for fertility. The point is simple: different fats have different benefits, and different risks. You could spend years researching the optimum combinations of fatty acids for the productivity of your dairy herd. Luckily you don’t have to, because we already have. And we have a range of proven, cost-effective fat supplements to help keep your business healthy and your herd happy.

Dairy farming is a busy, busy profession. You can find a whole lot of straightforward, bite-size advice about fat nutrition in the Resources & Advice area of our website. Take a look!