Sustainable palm oil. This is a term you can expect to be hearing of more frequently, particularly in the animal feed sector. We strongly believe that sustainable palm oil has a rightful place in this sector and it’s just as important to sustainably source this commodity too.

We’re proud to be hosting a webinar, alongside sustainable and legal sourcing of natural resources experts Efeca, entirely focused on this topic. Here are all the details you need to attend… 

Date: 27th May 2020

 Time:10:00 am - 10:45am

 Hosting Site: Zoom 

Subject: Use of Fatty acids from palm oil in animal nutrition


  • Dr Richard Kirkland - Global Technical Manager
  • Laura Steeden - Product Manager 
  • Gersen Sumardi - Sustainability Analyst - Wilmar Europe

Attendees can expect to come away with a full understanding of how palm oil is used in the animal feed sector; and specifically how we as a company are working towards ensuring traceability and sustainability of the palm oil we use. 

Our webinar will also include a focus on why and the practicalities of how we feed fatty acids to ruminants; as well as information on our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.  

Introducing our speakers...

Dr Richard Kirkland - Global Technical Manager of Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients

Discussing the use of fatty acids from palm oil in animal nutrition, we have Dr Richard Kirland. Richard has been working with Volac for the past 15 years on the animal nutrition team. He specialises in the use of fatty acids and improving the performance of lactating dairy cows. 

He has travelled extensively and experienced dairy production systems in highly-contrasting environments, using the latest research data to provide practical nutritional advice. He also attains a  PhD from the Queen's University of Belfast for his evaluation of energy metabolism in dairy cows. 

Gersen Sumardi - Sustainability Analyst - Wilmar Europe

Our next speaker who will be covering Traceability and Wilmar NDPE Implementation is Gersen Sumardi, our Sustainability Analyst,

Gersen is involved in the sustainable palm oil discussion with stakeholders in Europe for the food, oleochemicals, and animal feed market. He also monitors the palm supply, focusing on Latin America, into Wilmar’s European supply chain. 

He’s been in the sustainable palm oil industry since 2012 and started his career with Wilmar Indonesia, implementing ISCC and RSPO supply chain certification, before joining Wilmar Europe after obtaining a master’s degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Laura Steeden -  Product Manager of Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients

Our final speaker is Product Manager Laura Steeden,  who will be providing an insight into the VWFI Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

Laura has been involved in the Animal Nutrition and Health industry for over two decades. She began her career in direct to farm sales of pre-mixtures, minerals and fats - with a specialised interest in feed fats. She joined Volac & Volac Wilmar in October 2018 and is now actively involved in the support and promotion of sustainable palm oil within the feed industry. 

Finishing on a Q & A session, attendees will have ample opportunity to engage in discussion with speakers. 

Don’t miss your chance to gain unparalleled knowledge on the use of fatty acids from palm oil in animal nutrition. We’ll be waiting for you on Zoom on Wednesday 27th May 2020 at 10:00 am. We can’t wait to see you there!