It’s all too easy to stumble across negativity in the world. And as our last blog suggested, we all need to make a bigger effort to digest happier content. This blog delivers exactly that - enjoy!

Will ewe marry me?

You couldn’t expect anything less from a sheep farmer. Phillip Case’s girlfriend was asked to help in the sheep shed for lambing - but that wasn’t all she was asked! The young farmer proposed, alongside a sheep of course.

Routinely moos

If you thought a herd of cows were getting particularly vocal at 6:30 pm, think again. Derbyshire residents have taken up ‘mooing’ as their lockdown pass time. Haven’t you?


To lend a hand to parents who have unexpectedly become homeschool teachers, farmers and growers have launched something special. #LockdownLearning is a project that sees a whole host of content to educate children about food and where it comes from. Children can expect to build on their knowledge of science, technology and food production. The future of farming certainly looks bright!


Cats are probably the last species that need help with cleaning themselves - but this didn’t stop these accommodating cows. We’re not quite sure this will be added to the spa treatment list, but we definitely appreciate the interspecies love.

All Time Lambing

These lucky lambs got a front-row seat to ‘All Time Low’ singer, Alex Gaskarth’s, performance of ‘Kids in the Dark’. We hope to see more farmyard animals getting their fair share of concerts.

Good deeds

COVID-19 has certainly shone the light onto our kindest souls. This includes Cotswold Farm Park who donated PPE to Winchcombe Medical Centre. A great gesture during this challenging time.

Written in the stars (or the fields) 

One farmer and their tractor took the time to quite visibly display support for all the amazing farmers who continuously work so hard to feed the nation. Who knew farmers could be such artists!


Once upon a time, there was a young farmer with a big heart who brought education and cow comfort altogether. Where can we sign up for reading to calves?

Down it 

British dairy supporters, Mission4Milk, have been asking people to complete the #MilkPintChallenge - which of course consists of downing a pint of milk. An excellent way to show how tasty and nutritious milk is. Who’s downed their pint?

Bringing the farm to TikTok 

Most people will be well acquainted with TikTok by now. Relatable videos, dances, comedy and challenges - it leaves little to be desired. The agricultural community are definitely making themselves well-known in this space too. 

Wiltshire charity, The Caenhill Countryside Centre, work with schoolchildren and young people to teach them about farming, animals, and the countryside - as well as keeping us entertained on TikTok! 

Their channel is filled with humorous narrations of their livestock.

If you’re not yet on TikTok, we recommend giving your herd a performance they won’t forget.

A farmer’s answer to Captain Tom

The nation’s hearts were very quickly stolen by 100-year-old Captain Tom who, by walking laps of his garden, has raised millions for the NHS. Inspired by this story, 91-year-old farmer, Rhythwyn Evans challenged himself to walk around his home 91 times in one day to ”help beat the Covid-19 epidemic”. Mr Evans has now gone on to raise over £40,000.

We hope you enjoyed this instalment of strictly positive content. If you have anything great to share that’ll make us smile, head to our Facebook or Twitter channel and don’t forget to use #MegaPositivity.