For those who are thinking about entering the world of dairy farming, we’ve been reflecting on some of the best things about the job. Ready to grab life by the udders? Here are eight reasons to be a dairy farmer.  

You get to create your own produce

Got milk? If you’re a dairy farmer then the answer, emphatically, is yes. Your cows will be kind enough to provide you with a steady flow of delicious milk to enjoy. You also have the ability to create all sorts of dairy delights, such as butter, ice cream, cheese, yoghurt and more.

Not only that, but you’ll have full control over what goes into your cows to create the milk you eventually consume. That means that if you want to create your own au naturel milk products, for example, you can.

Work is your workout

Tired of having to make an effort to exercise? A desk job this is not. The day-to-day life of a dairy farmer is a very physical one, meaning that you’ll never feel like you’re living too much of a static lifestyle. The cows, for all their charms, require a lot of work to care for, so trust us, they’ll keep you active.

You’ll be outdoors, every day

Ah, the great outdoors. It’s hard to put into words just how great it feels to begin your day with the rising sun, witnessing the sights and sounds of the countryside coming alive. Working outdoors has been linked to lots of health benefits, such as lower stress, reduced blood pressure and improved immune function. Keep that in mind when you’re trudging through the mud and rain…

You’ll have a clear sense of purpose

Many people in more ‘normal’ jobs worry that at the end of the day, the work they do feels a little… pointless. For dairy farmers, however, that’s certainly not the case. A dairy farmer has one clear goal: to provide milk and keep your herd healthy. Steering each step of the process: from rearing to milking, to sale, is immensely satisfying. This will help you stay motivated, especially knowing that your customers appreciate the work you do to provide your product.

It never gets boring

When it comes to dairy farming, there’s always more to learn. With a million different things to do around the farm and a constantly changing landscape in the industry, you’ll never feel entitled to rest on your laurels.

Not only will you be getting your hands dirty out in the fields, but you’ll also be running the business side of things. Handling accounts, managing staff, speaking with veterinarians, nutritionists, market traders – and all the rest – is just as important as caring for the animals.  There’s one thing you can say for certain: there’s never a dull moment.

Cows are great colleagues

A dairy farmer gets to work with some of the finest members of the animal kingdom… cows! These loveable little (okay, large) charmers will always cheer you up and keep you motivated on days when you’d rather be tucked up in bed. There’s nothing better than approaching your cows and seeing them prick their ears up and wander over.

The kids will love it…

Most dairy farms in the UK are family-run, so if you’re thinking of raising a family on the farm, we can’t recommend it enough. Youngsters in farming families are treated to a unique childhood that’s almost impossible to get anywhere else. While their friends might play with toy animals and tractors, your children get to experience the real thing – learning skills and making memories that will last a lifetime.

…and the older ones will too!

In a family-run business, it’s the ones closest to you who you’ll rely on to help you run things. Though this might sound a little unnerving if you’re not used to it, there are few people better placed to help you than those who know you best. They understand your ups and your downs and care about your success just as much as you do.

Take a walk in the countryside

Are you reaching for your wellies yet? We hope you enjoyed this run-through of some of our favourite things about dairy farming. But by no means is this list exhaustive. As with so many things, the only way to find out if dairy farming is really right for you is to take a deep breath and jump in.   

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