We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

As cows around the world have been enjoying all the benefits of Megalac for 35 years, we decided to take the following approach when developing Megalac 2.0.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ve taken great care to simply build on what made the original a great choice for managing nutrition and boosting the productivity of your herd.

 What is Megalac 2.0?

Megalac 2.0 is the new, low odour formulation of our sustainably-sourced, tried-and-tested rumen-protected fat, designed to provide energy for improved milk yield and fertility in your herd.

The Megalac formulation increases energy supply in diets without increasing the acid load in the rumen or raising risk of acidosis, unlike starchy sources of energy such as cereals. This is thanks to its formulation, ensuring the fat passes through the rumen without reducing fibre digestion.

If the first bite is with the eye, the second is with the nose! And that’s where Megalac 2.0 differs from other typical calcium salt supplements.

More Milk, Better Fertility

So, why feed Megalac 2.0?

Fat is an essential component of balanced diets and is often added to increase energy density. However, fats are not simply energy sources and individual fatty acids have different metabolic functions which help determine the effect they may have on animal production.

Megalac is a proven ingredient for improving herd productivity: the ideal supplement to increase energy supply in early lactation diets of cows and sheep, and it is shown to improve cow fertility.

Megalac also has the highest measured net energy of lactation (NEL) value of any ingredient, highlighting its excellent efficiency for milk production.

It’s not just good for milk yields, either. This concentrated source of energy is targeted to improve energy balance and reduce body condition loss of dairy cows, which increases the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Progesterone production is increased, too. This is the essential hormone for pregnancy, heavily contributing to the success of fertility by improving the quality of many of the important biological elements.

Long story short: your cows get a vital source of energy and nutrition without compromising their digestive system, and you get to reap the rewards of having a healthy, more productive herd.

Proven Productivity

It’s hard to argue with science. With over thirty-five years of research and practical on-farm experience behind it, Megalac is easily one of the most proven feed ingredients on the market.

Studies have shown an average increase of 2.3 litres/cow/day in milk yield from a standard 500g supplement of Megalac. This is thanks to the increased energy the supplement provides, boasting an energy concentration over 2.5x higher than the level you’d find in cereals.

This then has a positive impact on feed efficiency too, producing more milk/kg feed.

In terms of fertility, research work at the University of Florida demonstrated that Holstein cows offered 450g of Megalac/day for 120 days had higher conception and pregnancy rates.

With its low odour formulation, Megalac 2.0 offers an additional attribute to consider when formulating more-balanced rations, which can help reduce the risk of digestive disorders and provide your cows with a ‘safer’ diet.

The proof is in the pudding

We’ve talked the talk and shared the science. Now it’s down to you to put Megalac 2.0 to the test.

Just as our sustainability pledge promises to reduce our impact on the environment, Megalac 2.0’s new low-odour formulation offers a new element to consider when using calcium salt supplements!

For all the key product info, along with the benefits, facts, figures and nutritional advice (not to mention our sustainability pledge), be sure to check out the Megalac 2.0 brochure.