The Megalac legacy: four decades of leading change

Let’s dive into the compelling story of Megalac. This isn't just about a product; it's about a vision that became a beacon for the world of feed-fat nutrition.

Megalac's roots trace back nearly 40 years. The name, Megalac, is a testament to our ambition to supply energy to help boost milk efficiency. It represents a redefined standard for feed fat nutrition.

Pioneering the calcium salt revolution

Prof Don Palmquist’s lab at Ohio State University, USA, was where the game-changing calcium salt technology was pioneered. It wasn’t merely a tweak but a revolutionary step in feed-fat nutrition. By binding fatty acids with calcium ions, dairy farmers now had a rumen-insoluble supplement. This breakthrough allows us to exploit the energy benefits of fats without disturbing rumen function or hindering fibre digestibility.

A global footprint

Megalac's influence has been truly global. From its humble beginnings in Ireland and the UK, its manufacturing presence has expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and the US. The reason? It's a product that’s proven to deliver and it's backed up with data from scientific research.

Eco-friendly at heart

Megalac is manufactured from sustainably-sourced raw materials. Our allegiance to the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and adherence to NDPE (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation) sourcing policies supports our responsible sourcing targets.

Innovation pulses through Megalac’s DNA. As we advance, our research keeps pace. One of the directions we're pursuing is examining how rumen-protected fats can help mitigate methane production, a notable greenhouse gas. This initiative reflects our commitment to marrying nutritional knowledge with ecological responsibility.

Megalac's essence transcends mere products - it embodies the spirit of innovation, foresight, and sustainable growth. From the genius of Prof. Don Palmquist at Ohio State University to its omnipresent global reach today, Megalac's trajectory demonstrates the power of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in dairy farming.

Our desire to continue development and understanding of feed-fat nutrition remains as strong as ever.