Enhancing your productivity with Megalac’s range of rumen-protected fats

We know that maintaining the health and efficiency of your livestock is a major priority, and our aim at Megalac is to support you on this. It’s one of the reasons we emphasise the strategic feeding of different fatty acids (the ‘building blocks of fat’). And why we go beyond the basics to explore how specific fatty acids can enhance both milk quality and the overall wellbeing of your herd.

The crucial role of fatty acids      

Fatty acids are integral to maintaining the productivity of your dairy cows; they are a crucial source of energy and influence various bodily functions. But distinguishing between different fatty acids is key - because different lactation stages and farm targets require specific types.

Which fatty acids can help you meet your goals?

Improved milk quality:
The type of fatty acids in the diet can significantly impact milk quality. For instance, C16:0 fatty acids play a crucial role in elevating milk fat content.

Enhanced milk yield:
Different fatty acids offer varied benefits. Supplements like Megalac, enriched with C16:0 and rumen-protected C18:1 fatty acids, efficiently provide energy for lactating cows, leading to higher milk yields.

Boosted fertility:
Cow fertility is closely tied to energy availability, which is generously supplied by fat supplements. C18:1 fatty acids are essential for egg development and survival, positively influencing fertility.

Optimised rumen function:
Fatty acids can also promote better rumen function, providing an energy boost without adding to the acid load in the rumen.

Choosing the right fatty acids for your dairy cow's diet is a strategic decision that significantly influences herd productivity. Mastering the effective use of these nutrients can give you improved milk production, enhanced milk fat content, and better fertility, contributing to a more productive and sustainable dairy farming operation.

Discover the power of fatty acids with Megalac.