Mega-One Extra

High energy fat supplement for young pigs and poultry

Mega one extra pack product detail

Mega-One Extra is a high-energy fat supplement with 12% lecithin for the pig and poultry sectors.

A solid, easy-to-handle product, Mega-One Extra contains lecithin (12%) to improve digestibility and maximise energy availability particularly in young animals whose digestive systems are not fully developed. Mega-One Extra also contains high-melting point (hard) fatty acids (the building blocks of fat) which can be deposited in body fat stores to help reduce the risk of ‘soft’ belly fat.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy supplement particularly for young monogastric animals
  • High energy
  • Fat present as triglycerides (the most digestible form for monogastrics)
  • Contains 12% lecithin to improve digestibility in young animals
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Hard fat to help reduce risk of soft belly fat

Feed Rates

Pigs & poultry up to 5% of the diet.

Mega-One Extra should be mixed with other ingredients in the diet and can be included as part of a compound pellet, mash or home mix.

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Available in 25 kg bags (24 x 25 kg bags per pallet) and mini bulk bags (2 x 650 kg per pallet).