How to compare fat products

With so many fat supplements available it is important to be confident that you know exactly how the different types of product work, what you are expecting them to do and whether they are providing value for money. Some questions you should be asking are :

  1. How much fat/oil is in the product ?
  2. Is the fat rumen-active or is it rumen-protected ?
  3. What is the fatty acid profile of the fat and is this guaranteed to be consistent from batch to batch ?
  4. What other ingredients are used and are they of any nutritional value ?
  5. How much moisture is in the product ?
  6. How digestible is the product ?
  7. What are the metabolisable energy (ME) and net energy (NEL) values ?
  8. Is the supplement proven ?
  9. What are you trying to achieve – is the supplement appropriate ?