Megalac – net energy

Net energy represents the energy actually used by the animal for productive purposes and is the key measure of the potential benefit of a fat supplement to an animal. Megalac has the highest measured net energy for lactation (NEL) value of any feed ingredient.

Andrew et al. (1991) determined the NEL of Megalac in a study with lactating dairy cows using calorimetric chambers and reported an NEL of 27.0 MJ/kg DM.

Andrew et al., 1991. Net energy for lactation of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids for cows fed silage-based diets. J. Dairy Sci. 74, 2588-2600.

Subsequent work with lactating goats reported a similar value for NEL (27.9 MJ/kg DM), determined by calculation based on energy balance data obtained from open circuit calorimetry studies.

Rapetti et al., 2002. Effect of maize, rumen-protected fat and whey permeate on energy utilisation and milk fat composition in lactating goats. Ital. J. Anim. Sci. 1, 43-53.

Hence, Megalac is well-proven to provide high levels of energy for milk production through scientific research in lactating animals and in the field.