Twitter is definitely known for having numerous subcultures, one of which is, of course, farming Twitter. It’s a welcome hub for sharing knowledge, successes, annoyances and just general content about farmer life. We’ve gathered some of our favourites below...

 1. A family effort 

Where farming is concerned, age definitely is just a number. Multi-generational farms are built on a collaborative effort from all family members. Children are encouraged to learn and take on new responsibilities.

 2. Testing time

Dairy farmers certainly aren’t known for their free-time. Testing is one of the many tasks that must be completed. But alongside the anxiety of having your herd tested, this is soon counteracted by great relief if you receive that all-important pass.

 3. Rain, rain go away (but not always) 

The rain is viewed very differently by farmers - depending on how often it comes of course. It’s either a sigh-inducing sight or a welcome surprise.

 4. The glare 

Most people don't enjoy being stared at as they go about their day job but for a dairy farmer, it seems to be part of the package.

 5. Moo-ving calves

From an outsider's perspective, there are a few things that farmers do that can look a little strange - but a farmer will rightly tell you they’re just being resourceful!

 6. The scenery 

Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, the busy working schedule of a farmer provides ample opportunity to catch a glimpse of some beautiful views. No matter what’s going on in your day, the scenery regularly offers a well-earned serotonin boost.

 7. Farming soundtrack

Forget listening to chart-toppers in the morning, farmers have their very own early morning soundtrack to enjoy. And isn’t it beautiful?

 8. Hey good-lookin’!

Now nobody likes to admit they have favourites but there’s definitely a sense of appreciation for the more aesthetically-pleasing cows.

 9. Glass half-full (of milk obviously) 

An infectious attitude of optimism is a key personality trait for any dairy farmer. As the saying goes, a farmer must be an optimist or they wouldn’t be a farmer at all.

We could definitely go on forever about all the glorious tweets we see on our feed but instead, we’ll continue to like and retweet them from our Twitter page. 

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