In farming, chasing profits is a delicate balancing act.

Agricultural professionals must control their overheads scrupulously while looking for new ways to work as productively and efficiently as possible.

So when it comes to feed supplements, farmers need to know that the product they are paying for is going to produce the intended results.

That’s why here at Volac Wilmar, we go to great lengths to prove the efficacy of our feed supplements through rigorous scientific research. Already our products are the most well-researched on the market. And now we have gathered the results of a new study into fatty acids that shows why our feed supplements are so popular with farmers all over the world – supporting the growth, fertility and productivity of their livestock.  

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Tuesday 3rd November | 2-3pm GMT

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Who will be speaking?

The results of our research will be revealed by experts in ruminant nutrition. Following a presentation on the implications of our research for the farming community, there will be a live Q&A where you will have an opportunity to put your questions to our specialists. Ringfence an hour in your diary.

Dr Richard Kirkland

Global Technical Manager for Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients

There are niche specialisms, then there are really niche specialisms. Dr Richard Kirkland specialises in how fatty acids can improve the performance of lactating dairy cows. He has travelled extensively to gather experience of different dairy production systems in highly contrasting environments – from the mountains of Chile to the heat of Dubai – and uses the latest research data to provide practical nutritional advice for dairy farmers. Richard also has a PhD from the Queen's University of Belfast for his evaluation of energy metabolism in dairy cows.

Professor John Newbold
Professor of Dairy Nutrition at Scotland’s Rural College

Equipped with a PhD in ruminant nutrition from the University of Nottingham, Professor John Newbold’s self-professed mission is to learn as much as possible about how cows function, then use that knowledge to enhance the ways agricultural professionals approach ruminant nutrition. He has amassed almost three decades of experience working with ruminants.

Dr Jonas De Souza
Technical Services Manager at Perdue Agribusiness

Dialling in from Michigan, USA, Dr Jonas de Souza is heavily involved with cutting-edge research and development in the animal nutrition sector. Specifically, he analyses how different blends of fatty acids impact ruminant nutrition, and also helps dairy farmers utilise data to improve the health, happiness and performance of their herd.

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