Rumen-protected fats – triglyceride-based supplements

While the majority of commercially available fat supplements are based on free fatty acids, a further category of product commonly included in animal feeds is those based on triglycerides. These products are often highly saturated, with the primary fatty acid as C16:0 and contain a proportion of glycerol which may contribute to glucose supply in the lower digestive tract. While these product-types can provide an energy source and a supply of milk fat-boosting C16:0, they are generally considered the least digestible of the common fat supplements available, with rate of ruminal lipolysis indicated as the limiting factor. Hence, net energy supply from these product types is typically lower than the near-100% fat content may indicate, though as triglycerides they are less likely to stimulate hypophagic sensors (which reduce dry matter intake) in the upper small intestine than are free fatty acids from other fat sources.

Volac Wilmar’s Mega-Boost product is based on triglycerides and is suitable for both ruminants and monogastric species.

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